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Protect Your Home and Property

Whether you own a home or condo or live in a rental property, you have valuable assets that can be lost to fire, theft, or other mishaps. Protect yourself with customized coverage from Affordable Insurance Agency.

Homeowners Insurance Is a Sound Investment

Even the safest, soundest home can fall victim to disaster, so having homeowners insurance is a financial must. Insure your home and its contents against loss and get liability coverage in case someone is injured on your property.

Affordable Insurance Agency will give you a FREE customized quote for insurance that protects your property and investments. We can also show you how bundling your home and auto coverage can save you money. Call us today!


Renters Insurance You Can Afford

Get exceptional coverage for your rental home or apartment, as well as all your belongings and assets. No matter where you live, we can find customized coverage that will protect you against loss.

Receive quotes at prices you can afford.

Customized Condo Insurance

Whatever level of protection you need in your condo arrangement, we can find policies at affordable prices. Protect yourself and your belongings from natural disaster or theft.

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Proper Life and Health Insurance

Demonstrate the love you have for your family with life and health insurance policies that protect them from financial ruin.
Let the experienced and knowledgeable representatives at Affordable Insurance Agency find the coverage that perfectly fits your situation.

Get Answers to Your Insurance Questions

You have a lot of things to consider while choosing the right life and health insurance, including questions about how much coverage you need and how long you need to keep it. Our agents will find the answers and provide you with the coverage you need.
  • Individual health
  • Small business health
  • Life insurance, including MetLife
  • Annuities
  • Disability insurance, including Aflac plans

Prepare for Unforeseen Circumstances

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Life is unpredictable, so you want to have a life insurance plan that will keep your loved ones comfortable for the rest of their lives.

You can get sick, lose your job, or otherwise become disabled or pass away. Before any of that happens, you need to be ready, especially if you are married or have a child.

Let us help you put a plan in place so that matters are quickly taken care of the way you intend and with a minimum of burden on your survivors.

Health Insurance Protects Your Finances

Protecting your family doesn't stop with life or disability insurance. Unexpected doctor bills can bring on financial hard times that can take years to overcome.

The smart thing to do, indeed the right thing to do, is to have health insurance that will help you meet your bills and protect your finances while allowing you and your family to get any necessary medical care.

For a FREE quote, call us at either our Pitman or Haddon Township offices.

Comprehensive Business Insurance

Whether you already own a business or are starting one, you need proper insurance. Affordable Insurance Agency will find policies that will help your business run safely and smoothly while ensuring you're covered for issues like general liability, employment practices liability, and workers' compensation.

Cover the Basics of Commercial Ownership

Affordable Insurance Agency will make sure any policy you choose covers the major issues your company faces.
  • General liability protects your business assets
  • Data break insurance covers your business in the event of data loss or theft
  • Commercial property insurance protects your property when you own or lease assets, including equipment, inventory, or any other valuables connected with your work
  • Workers' comp helps compensate your employees' expenses due to work-related injuries, lost wages, and medical bills

Small Businesses Need Protection Too

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Having a small business makes you more vulnerable to major financial setbacks, so insurance protection becomes more essential.

Our experienced agents will help you determine the level of coverage you need and what will best fit your needs and budget.

Home-Based Businesses Face Special Challenges

Working in your own home doesn't absolve you from business insurance responsibilities. You still need protection in the event of property damage, lawsuits, or any unforeseen circumstances. Let our experts collect FREE quotes that target home business issues and liabilities.

Contact us in our offices in Pitman or Haddon Township.

Affordable Flood Insurance

Protect the value of your home from Mother Nature's ravages with help from the experts at Affordable Insurance Agency.
Floods are one of the most devastating threats your home faces and they don't always come from storms. Water can cause havoc in any number of ways:
  • Poor drainage systems
  • Rainfall
  • Construction runoff
  • Snowmelt
  • Hurricane
We'll collect FREE quotes that will give you affordable options that still meet the demands of your situation.

Umbrella Policies Expand Your Coverage

What are you going to do when the cost of your loss exceeds your coverage? An umbrella insurance policy from Affordable Insurance Agency supplements your coverage and offers additional financial protection for you and your family.

Get answers to your insurance questions by contacting our offices in Pitman and Haddon Township. Quotes are FREE!
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Effective Coverage for RVs and More

Contact Affordable Insurance Agency to get reliable FREE quotes for coverage on your recreational vehicles or other specialty vehicles.
If you have several vehicles, you may qualify for bundled discounts, too! Contact our experts in Pitman and Haddon Township today.

Protecting a Range of Vehicles

  • Recreational vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Trailers
  • ATVs
  • Classic cars
  • Golf carts
  • Snowmobiles
You can also get reliable coverage for automobiles, whether they are for personal use or commercial use.
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Cost-Effective Workers' Compensation

Make sure you, your business, and your employees are protected from unforeseen events with workers' compensation insurance from Affordable Insurance Agency.

Cover Medical Expenses and Lost Income

Workers' comp coverage should be part of your general business plan because it offers several essential benefits. Plans can help you pay for any medical expenses that derive from job-related injuries and accidents, and it can also cover paying your employees' lost income while they are in recovery.

Don't get caught unaware and unprepared. Contact us for a FREE quote today from our offices in Pitman or Haddon Township.
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